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Considering making the move towards a new, healthier you? Sign up for a NaturalCures membership for just $9.95 a month and you’ll gain instant access to a host of fantastic features, from amazing money-off discounts on your favorite natural health products to access to our new and improved Ask the Doctor service. Here are just some of the great perks you can enjoy by taking that first, important step on the road to improved health:


why join the naturalcures site?

Ask the Doctor

Our Ask the Doctor service is one feature that’s worth the subscription fee alone! If you’ve ever had to wait to see a doctor, you’ll know how frustrating, not to mention expensive, the whole process can be – and then you’re rushed out of the door in mere minutes.

Our Ask the Doctor service puts you in touch with a team of doctors who’re ready and waiting to answer your queries, meaning you can avoid expensive doctors’ fees and script charges. And with ObamaCare set to fully kick in on January 1 next year (2014), it’s time to turn to us – we really ‘care’ about your health and wellbeing.

So, how does it work? Simply send our team of doctors a health question and wait. You’ll receive a reply within just three business days direct to your inbox – it’s as simple as that.

Tailored Natural Cures

We have over 250 ‘Find a Cure’ reports on as many illnesses and conditions – and our list is expanding by the day! From acne to asthma, and hayfever to herpes, we’ve covered every illness – even some you may not yet have heard of!

Can’t find the report you’re looking for? Simply contact our friendly customer services team and our team of writers will put it together with you.

The best bit? Your personalized Find a Cure report will reach your inbox within just three business days.



Find a Doctor

Want to find an experienced homeopath in your area? Or perhaps you’d like to locate a skilled acupuncturist? Our Find a Doctor service will help you do just that, offering the world’s largest database of over 250,000 approved and certified health experts. Simply enter some basic details and it’ll display a list of health practitioners close to your home.

Natural Health Seminars

Our team works hard to bring you relevant natural health seminars you’ll love – and you’ll be the first to know about them via your NaturalCures membership. Enjoy seminars and lectures in a variety of cities and countries and meet recognized health experts who are on a mission to improve your health and wellbeing – the natural way.

Friendly Online Community

Join the chat in our friendly NaturalCures forum and meet fellow natural health fans. Health concerns? Interact with other members and pick up tips and advice on how to live a healthier, more natural way of life.

Monthly Newsletters

We have a library of over 80 newsletters, available to view as flip books here. Discover interviews with our ever-expanding list of natural health experts, as well as exclusive discounts, news and recipes.

Expert Articles, Interviews, Delicious Recipes, and Breaking News

If there’s something happening in the world of natural health – breaking news, a product launch or an interesting event – you’ll be the first to know about it.

As a NaturalCures member, you’ll have access to a range of articles, delicious recipes and health tips to help you live a healthier life.

We’re always updating our homepage with interesting news and informative articles, so you won’t miss a thing. Keep an eye on for all the latest. Plus, don’t forget to check out our health blog, which is updated daily with articles and news of product launches.

Range of Memberships

And the best bit? There’s a range of memberships to choose from here at NaturalCures.

Join today for just $9.95 per month or take advantage of our great value yearly membership where you can save $59.45 a year. Enjoy up to $2,000 of discounts on all your favorite and everyday natural health products.

Or take a look at our FREE Lifetime Membership where you can receive 90% of the website free of charge. Make the first move toward a healthier you.

Safe and Secure

We’re extremely serious about protecting your personal information here at NaturalCures. You can be sure your data won’t be shared with anyone. Click here to read our Privacy Policy for more details.

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