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Try the Alexander Technique to help alleviate stress. Learn more about it here: Read More >>

Live Christmas through the eyes of a contented child

By Mary Miller, MSW Health Freedom Advocate It’s Thanksgiving. You wake up in the morning feeling like you want to spend some time alone.Maybe take a walk in the woods or visit your local beach where all is quiet. You consider your inner…

The I Ching And Your Mental Health

As a former psychotherapist with great disappointment in the results of western mental health practices, it only made sense to look to the East for a more effective system for restoring mental and emotional balance. For more than 30 years,…

Men And Stress: The Messages To “Be Strong!”

It is a well-understood that men in general are at higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and a myriad of other illnesses that may be related to unmanaged stress. Everyone has stress. This is planet earth and it would be pretty difficult…